Intro: Back to blogging

About two and a half years ago, I relocated my life from Cairo to Berlin. And with such a move, I had a lot on my plate. So I started to blog less and then shortly after, I stopped completely.

This didn’t mean that I did not have some ‘side/pet projects’ every now and then. But I was not as productive as I used to be. Especially when those ‘side projects’ were not really having a committed plan for launching them.

Then came a dear friend @so3da to start blogging again himself. Which encouraged me to also get back to blogging. I was already missing the old productive days. And I was getting slowly in the mood by seeking mentorship (wait for the next post). So all I needed was a push. And I had it already!

So here I am, starting a clean slate and keeping a link to my dear old slate. Posting whatever I learn like before. So stay tuned. :)

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